Please note - Gradings shown apply to record only. If a picture sleeve is present, it has not been graded. If you wish to know the condition of the picture sleeve, please contact us.

M - Brand new condition with no surface marks.

M- - Appears new but is known to have been played because the label has light spindle marks or very minor sleeve scuffs.

VG++ - The record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality.

VG+ - Will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner. This is the lowest grade recommended for Jukebox play.

VG - The record has obviously been played many times. May skip. This record is a may be a very rare record or a placeholder until a better copy comes along.

G - The record has been played and handled so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated.

F - The record is cracked, badly warped, and won't play through without skipping or repeating. The picture sleeve is water damaged, split on all three seams and heavily marred by wear and/or writing. Except for impossibly rare records otherwise unattainable, records in this condition should be be passed on.
We do not recommend purchasing records below VG+ grade if your intention is to play them.

CALL - Call us before purchasing this record
CH - Chip on Edge of Record
COH - Cut out Hole
CR - Crack in Record
DJ - Disk Jockey or Promotional Copy
EC - Minor Edge Chip
EP - Extended Play
HIL - Hole is drilled in Label
LC - Crack in Label Area
LD - Damage (minor to major) to Label
NO PS - No Picture Sleeve Present
NS - No Sleeve
PS - Picture Sleeve Present
SD - Damage to Sleeve
SOL - Sticker on Label
SOS - Sticker on Sleeve
SS - Split on Seam
SW - Still in Shrink Wrap
TOL - Tear on Label
TOS - Tear on Sleeve
WOL - Writing on Label
WOS - Writing on Sleeve
XOL - An "X" is marked on the Label